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Learn About Us

Known as a top provider of medication-assisted treatment, Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center helps individuals ages 18 and older who are battling an opioid addiction get the help they need. With programming options for both men and women, Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center incorporates both medication and therapeutic elements in order to provide complete care for each patient.

With a staff made up of devoted and experienced nurses, physicians, and counselors, Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center is able to provide a secure and inviting environment for patients who are looking to achieve full recovery. When these individuals come to us in hopes of putting their opioid addiction in the past, our understanding, kind, and sympathetic staff works to ensure that each patient is being given the right medication so that he or she will be successful in recovery. At Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center, we provide the following medications:

  • Methadone
  • Subutex
  • Vivitrol
  • Suboxone

The specific medication and dosage that a patient will take will be determined based on his or her health status and treatment needs. Any changes in medication or dosage will all be dependent on the ever-changing needs of the patient throughout the recovery process. These changes will be made by a medical professional.

Our Treatment Therapies

To provide the best overall care for opioid addiction, we at Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center believe in incorporating therapeutic interventions into all treatment plans. We feel that it is critical for patients to uncover what the root causes of their addictions are so that they can create outlets for their feelings. We also believe that patients benefit most from creating a support system comprised of individuals who have experienced similar paths so that they can find a network of encouragement to lean on. At Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center, we provide the following therapeutic components:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

If you or someone you love is plagued by an opioid addiction, contact Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center right now to obtain the life-saving treatment we provide so that you can begin rebuilding a happy and drug-free life.