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Learn About Us

Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center, a leader in medication-assisted treatment for individuals struggling with an opioid addiction, offers treatment options for women and men who are ages 18 and older. Providing full-circle care that includes a blend of therapies and the use of safe and effective medications, Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center is prepared to treat the entire problem, not just a piece of it.

Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center is happy to offer patients a warm and protected environment run by our staff of knowledgeable counselors, physicians, and nurses. Patients who are grappling with an addiction to opioids, such as heroin, morphine, or prescription painkillers will receive top-notch care from our dedicated and sympathetic staff members who are devoted to monitoring a patient’s progress. For example, our staff monitors the medication that each patient is taking, as well as the administration of that medication. At Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center, we provide a variety of different medications to help treat an opioid addiction, such as:

• Suboxone
• Subutex
• Vivitrol
• Methadone

Both the type of medication and the dosage will be determined based on a patient’s unique needs, as well as the state of his or her health. Certain dosages will be recommended, however, there may be a fluctuation in dosages throughout the process if a patient’s needs call for it. All dosages, medication recommendations, and changes will be decided by one of our physicians.

Our Treatment Therapies

At Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center, we are focused on providing an all-encompassing approach to treating an opioid addiction. We practice incorporating therapeutic interventions into each patient’s treatment plan, and encourage the discovery of the underlying causes of the addiction. We also encourage identifying and addressing emotions that are tied to an addiction so that they can be processed through the appropriate outlet. We believe in our patients developing positive relationships with one another so as to build a strong support system during this time. At Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center, we include the following therapeutic components in each program:

• Group therapy
• Individual therapy

If you or someone you love wants to stop an opioid addiction but just cannot seem to, reach out to Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center to obtain the help that will finally get you or your loved one back on the right track.