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West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide individuals, aged 18 and older, with medication-assisted treatment to overcome opioid addiction.

In order to provide patients with truly effective treatment, our centers offer the following safe and effective medications that can be incorporated into patients’ customized treatment plans:

Methadone: Methadone is a synthetic opioid agonist that can provide patients with relief from opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Methadone can be used to wean patients off of opioids without causing the same euphoric high that opioids typically do.

Subutex: With buprenorphine as its active component, Subutex is a partial opioid agonist-antagonist given to diminish withdrawal symptoms and lessen opioid cravings by barring the effects of opioids within the brain.

Suboxone: Comprised of naloxone and buprenorphine as its active ingredients, Suboxone is given to lower withdrawal symptoms while also lessening cravings for additional opioids. Should a patient attempt to abuse other opioids while taking Suboxone, withdrawal symptoms will become apparent.

Vivitrol: Vivitrol is a non-narcotic, non-addictive injectable medication that consists naltrexone as its active ingredient. Vivitrol is given to aid patients in reducing opioid cravings, as well as diminishing the symptoms of withdrawal commonly associated with recovery.

The specific medication used, as well as the dosage required, will vary for each patient based on his or her individual needs. Medications and dosages can be altered throughout the course of treatment should a patient’s needs change.

West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Center also provides patients with multiple therapeutic interventions to compliment the medications prescribed. Our dedicated staff of counselors, physicians, and nurses ensures that each patient is given the tools for recovery from both an emotional and behavioral perspective. The following therapeutic services are provided to patients as a part of West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers’ all-encompassing services:

  • Individual therapy sessions provide patients the opportunity to process their emotions, successes, and setbacks in a safe one-on-one therapeutic relationship with a highly qualified counselor.
  • Group therapy are counselor-led sessions that allow patients the opportunity to come together with others who are also working towards recovery. Patients receive support and guidance from each other and are able to form a strong peer network with those who have endured similar struggles.

By taking part in the comprehensive medication assisted treatment available at West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers, patients are able to break free from the dangerous cycle of opioid addiction. Our compassionate and dedicated staff is here to provide you with the building blocks required to achieve a healthy, happy, and opioid-free life.